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Ruby Red Garnet from the Harts Range in the Northern Territory (3.73ct)

Happy birthday all you January babies. We're celebrating your birthdays here at LFJ with your birthstone, the Glorious Garnet.

Garnets have been around for quite some time. Their name comes from a 14th century word meaning "dark red." Garnets can come in a range of colours including red, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, pink, and even colourless.

At the workshop we've been playing around with these beauties, coming up with some gorgeous ideas for them.

In the first pic, there is a collection of round, pear-shaped and marquise garnets, in both dark red and "Fanta*" orange. The middle garnet shows off the brilliant proliferation of colour that is common in these gorgeous gemstones. The last photo was taken to compare the colour of a high-end ruby (in the tweezers), next to an Australian garnet, highlighting why they're so popular in custom jewellery.

*Yeap, that's what they're called!

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The festive season is upon us and the LFJ elves are busy working at their benches.

Puzzle Piece Pendant. 18k White Gold

Merry Christmas jewellery lovers! What a terrific time of the year to be swooning over some glittery gear. We've been particularly busy finishing your brilliant pieces in time for the arrival of Old St Nick.

Keep scrolling to enjoy some of the fun pieces we've completed in the last few weeks and settle in to a joyful festive season with your loved ones.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful start to 2019. With love, the LFJ Team.

Inspired by nature. 18k White gold engagement ring.

Indigenous art meets goldsmithing. 18k yellow gold with hand engraving.

Remodelled lady's dress ring in 18k white gold.

Playing with some gorgeous garnets and sapphires.

Solitaire engagement ring featuring an oval cut diamond.

Remodelled "New Beginnings" ring in 18k White gold.

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It's been some time in the making, but now we're ready to launch!

Pear shape diamond with halo and brilliant shoulders 

Welcome, one and all, to the new home for Leonardo Fernandez Jewellery. From it's humble beginnings in a Nunawading attic, Leonardo Fernandez Jewellery has truly grown and created it's own story. So here we are to tell it. Rather than meeting Leo at his kitchen table to talk jewellery, these days you will find him at his sunlit workshop in North Ringwood. His new location is a charming blend of innovative and modern technology alongside old-school tools and techniques.

"How do we tell our story? How can we share the stories we hear?"

We've been keen to put together a new website to have the opportunity to share our story and those of the amazing people we meet everyday. So settle in, and enjoy some time discovering more about us and the wonderful pieces that cross our workbenches.

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