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“Someday, you’ll forget how much you spent on the ring, but you’ll tell the story of that moment for the rest of your life.”

September 20, 2021

Break up with tradition, find the best value for your money.

Real talk, proposing to your life partner is more than just a financial decision. This is to become one of the most memorable moments of both of your lives. The ring will be worn daily, for a lifetime or more, so you need to consider the bigger picture before you focus on price.

The 3 Month Rule

You may have heard of the Three Month Rule; you’re supposed to spend three months worth of your salary on an engagement ring. The truth is there are no rules when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring – but if you want something special, this could be a starting point.

The rule began as a marketing campaign in the 1930s by DeBeers, a jewellery company looking to sell more diamonds. They recommended people spend a month’s salary and over the decades this has expanded to two and now three month’s salary.

Keep in mind that an engagement ring purchase is personal and entirely up to you what you spend. One thing we advise is never to settle for something you don’t love. It might mean scraping together a bit more cash. Crafting a custom ring takes 6-8 weeks so could you find extra work in that time? Source some odd jobs? Sell something? Money is currency, and you can always make more; an engagement ring is a lifetime purchase.

Our Advice; Fall in Love.

You’ve fallen for your beloved, now fall in love with the ring. After all, it’s a symbol of your love, your life together, the ultimate promise. An engagement ring is not just any piece of jewellery- it’s full of emotion, commitment, hope and magic. When price is the only consideration, all that magic disappears and you’re haggling over dollars.

Yes, we’re an independent jeweller but we’re not here to sell you something you don’t need. If price is an issue, you can find something affordable at a retail store where they have tons of stock. Every single piece we create at Leonardo Fernandez Jewellery is unique, one-of-a-kind, and important. We care deeply about your moment because we become part of it when we make a ring for you.

And when that moment is done, when you have an enthusiastic, “Yes!” you also have your story and your ring to share with everyone around you. The ring will be adored, talked about, cherished and worn every day. It should symbolise exactly how you feel about your spouse, and that’s something you can’t put a dollar figure on.

“Someday, you’ll forget how much you spent on the ring, but you’ll tell the story of that moment for the rest of your life.”

Leonardo Fernandez

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