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“You won’t find another person with my skill set, in this location, with our team willing to do what we do for clients. When any of those things change - it’s done.” LFJ

October 20, 2021

“A Once in a Lifetime Experience”

When you walk into an independent jeweller, prepare for a completely unique experience. You’ll meet creative artisans who are passionate about helping you design something meaningful. They will help you create a treasure you will love forever, a keepsake you are proud to give.

If you step into a franchise, you can buy a piece of jewellery that hundreds (or more) have also purchased. You won’t know where your stones or metals come from or if they were sourced ethically or not. The employee selling to you won’t be as passionate, knowledgable or experienced.

When you come to an independent, bespoke jeweller like Leonardo Fernandez Jewellery, you’ll have complete transparency about the high-quality materials we source for you. We’ll sit down with you and answer all your questions about settings, stones, metals, trends, history, everything. We view our clients as co-collaborators, not the next sales commission.

Here are Four Reasons to Shop From an Independent Jeweller:

1. A uniquely personal experience

When you help design a piece of jewellery, you become involved in the creative process. You will go on a jewellery journey - You’ll learn, enjoy and create something that never existed before. It’s a powerful process in itself but of course, in the end, you’ll have a completely original treasure to show for it. This is an extraordinary and exclusive way for you to be involved in such a meaningful gift.

2. You’re promoting local culture

By purchasing a bespoke piece of jewellery, you’re investing in the arts. With your support, these artists can continue to live their purpose. They will feel a unique responsibility to you to keep the whole operation going. As a collector, you are not simply a customer but part of the more significant evolution of the artist’s journey.

3. Purchasing from a local jeweller is educational

Independent jewellers will provide you with experience and an education. We want to inform you about your options and help guide you to make the best decisions. We’re not just here to upsell you and earn a commission. We genuinely care about what we produce, and we strive for the best result for our clients. We love talking about metals, cuts, stones, settings, suppliers, ethics and more and we can’t wait to answer your questions.

4. Connect with a strong network of the best suppliers

Independent jewellers will always know where their products and materials are coming from. We’ve built a network of high-quality suppliers here in Australia and overseas. We understand how our materials and stones are sourced and we even make our own unique alloys at Leonardo Fernandez Jewellers that you won’t find anywhere else.

Jewellery is intensely packed with meaning and emotion. Being involved with the design, planning and execution of a unique piece you crafted explicitly with your recipient in mind adds so much more depth and thoughtfulness to the gift itself.

“If you don’t support people the best way that you can, you won’t get the magic they’re making.” Leonardo Fernandez

One of our customers said, 'you pulled that design out of my brain!' It's our job to understand what you want, even if you've never designed jewellery before.

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