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Glorious Garnet Month

Ruby Red Garnet from the Harts Range in the Northern Territory (3.73ct)

Happy birthday all you January babies. We're celebrating your birthdays here at LFJ with your birthstone, the Glorious Garnet.

Garnets have been around for quite some time. Their name comes from a 14th century word meaning "dark red." Garnets can come in a range of colours including red, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, pink, and even colourless.

At the workshop we've been playing around with these beauties, coming up with some gorgeous ideas for them.

In the first pic, there is a collection of round, pear-shaped and marquise garnets, in both dark red and "Fanta*" orange. The middle garnet shows off the brilliant proliferation of colour that is common in these gorgeous gemstones. The last photo was taken to compare the colour of a high-end ruby (in the tweezers), next to an Australian garnet, highlighting why they're so popular in custom jewellery.

*Yeap, that's what they're called!

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