We love putting a little sparkle in someone's heart, forever.
Our craft is definitely not glamorous, but we prefer to leave the ‘glamour’ for our client's.
We are obsessively driven to actualise our clients vision into living, tangible pieces of art and soul.

Creators of bespoke jewellery in the heart of artistic Collingwood.

If you want a unique, breathtaking keepsake that will forever capture a significant moment in your life, step into our studio - it's where the magic happens.

Our clients come to us with an idea and together we craft the perfect treasure. Our friendly team will go above and beyond to help you come up with the design, source the most stunning stones and engineer the jewellery of your dreams.

We're not a retail store where you can buy off the shelf. You won’t feel intimidated about creating an original piece either- making people feel special is what we do, that includes you AND the person you’re designing for.

At Leonardo Fernandez Jewellery you meet with craftspeople who guide you through the process so all you need to focus on is giving.

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Understanding your story.


Designing process.


Finding the perfect stone.


Model and prototype.


Crafting your dream piece.

No one else will have a piece of jewellery quite like yours.

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