About Us

About Us

Leonardo Fernandez Jewellery is a progressive goldsmithing business specialising in unique jewellery design and bespoke manufacturing.

Leonardo began his goldsmithing career at a young age, following his father into the jewellery industry.  A few years later, Leo found himself beginning his own business, in the cosy location of his home attic!  Over a decade later, Leo now runs an innovative workshop, with like minded professionals. 


When our goldsmiths aren't sharing lunch and a coffee together, discussing all things jewellery, these brilliant professionals are pushing their industry knowledge and fine skills to the next level.

Our Team

Leo combines his metal working skills with a strong background in technical design and manufacturing.  Leo's passion for jewellery is clear the instant he sits down with a client to share in the story and process of their upcoming piece.  He takes a lot of pride in his business and in building relationships with his clients.  

Amina is our very talented gemmologist and registered valuer.  She has a keen eye for her craft and a wealth of knowledge for antique and contemporary jewellery.  While managing the day to day running of our workshop, Amina injects her passion and finesse for jewellery design and trends into every project that crosses her desk.  

Allister worked as a goldsmith in Alice Springs, Darwin and regional Victoria, before finding himself at our distinctive workshop.  He handcrafts jewellery with a prowess rarely seen in a goldsmith of his age.  Allister also blends his gifted skills for metal-work with his other passion for Indigenous art, to create unique jewellery.

Isabel fell into the jewellery world as Leo's wife.  Isabel has been the silent supporter of Leo's business since it began.  She usually works behind the scenes taking photographs, managing the social media and doing the coffee-run!

Possum is our workshop pooch.  She serves to give the team the occasional

knee-lick, furry companionship and to let us know when joggers run past

the shop window.  She also spends an inordinate amount of the workday napping.

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