Custom designs take time and are as rare as the materials used to make them. Our team can advise some cost-saving options for various materials and stones in your initial meeting.

At Leonardo Fernandez Jewellery, we specialise in custom jewellery design. We don't have ready-made objects for you to browse. Our clients come to us to design something completely custom, bespoke and unique.

  1. Your piece will be a reflection of your personality and it will feel creative and unique.
  2. The design can be inspired by your values and taste.
  3. No one else will have the same piece.
  4. A unique piece is a show-stopper, a conversation starter and can become a family heirloom.
  5. You get to select elements from your choice of materials.
  6. Producing a bespoke design means creating a symbol of love that is truly unique to the person or couple.
  1. It takes longer. You will need to allow several months to perfect your design. Like our pieces, our materials are rare and come from local and international sources. It can take time to draw all these elements together.
  2. It requires more of the buyer's time and involvement. You'll have several meetings with the jeweller and need to make decisions.
  3. Sometimes you can't have exactly what you want. You may need to be flexible and trust the jeweller as the ultimate expert in design and materials.

You'll want to consider durability, price, value, and if you want to go the traditional route or stand out from the crowd. We have a collection of Australian sapphires and sustainably sourced diamonds in house, or we can help source beautiful gemstones for you. When it comes down to it, the choice is a personal one; read our blog post here for more in-depth information.

It would be great if you had some images for us to view. Photos of pieces you like (or any 'hints' you've received) are helpful to our team. Maybe you want to combine elements from different pieces of jewellery. Bring photos on your phone or magazines for us to look at together.

That's where we come in. You may not have the language to explain what you want but we are experts in reading between the lines. It's important that you trust our expertise and know that we will always guide you to the best solution. Our projects are true collaborations, and we promise to make it as educational and painless as possible.

We make engagement rings, wedding rings, heirloom pieces, earrings, diamond accessories plus more! Whatever you can dream up, we can turn into jewellery.

It might feel overwhelming choosing a jeweller for such an important purchase. Here are six things you should consider when selecting a jeweller:

  1. Ask for recommendations from friends and family
  2. Meet the makers
  3. Read customer reviews
  4. Ask if they do CAD (computer aided design) work
  5. Look at examples of their previous work
  6. Make sure they understand your vision

We are experts in repairs and restoration. If something we make fails, we will fix it for you.

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