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Our bespoke pieces are formed from the desire to give. But these aren’t your standard gifts; at Leonardo Fernandez Jewellery we make wearable pieces of art as unique as your love. One-of-a-kind jewellery; engagement rings, wedding rings, heirloom pieces, diamond accessories, anything you can dream into existence — made right here in Melbourne.

Our craft evokes emotion, captures feelings and connects people together.
We've got a keen eye for detail, dedication and patience for achieving the absolute highest quality.

Start your promise off with something exceptional. You may feel pressure with this significant purchase but if you’re here you value the extraordinary. Think about how flattered your partner will be to discover you designed a one-of-a-kind ring as special as your relationship. You imagine it; we make it. Go get your YES!

The circle shape represents a commitment between two souls who promise to cherish one another until the end. We can craft your wedding bands to suit your engagement ring and to each person’s taste. Choose your metal, style or custom embellishments so you adore your finished piece for as long as your love.

These high-quality pieces are designed to last for generations. A piece of history, family heirlooms can be gifted on special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays but they are more than just markers of a significant time. These treasures are a glittering legacy.

Diamonds reflect and attract light elegantly. They are timeless and durable and have become synonymous with longevity- diamonds are forever. The ultimate material in luxury and status. We craft our custom diamond accessories for men and women who want to adorn themselves with the highest-quality materials.

You won't feel intimidated here; we treat you like family because you've brought us into the most meaningful moments of your lives.

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