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We're a trio of focused makers, creative problem solvers, and technical scientists, motivated by the results of our work and the delight on our clients' faces.


The Alchemist. Foraged in the fire, much like precious stones themselves, his craftsmanship is dazzling. To Leo, creating jewellery is like life, sometimes gruelling and painful, but also exhilarating and beautiful. When you come to Leo, you come to a skilful crafter.
  • 17 years in the Jewellery Trade
  • Qualified Goldsmith
  • Background in Physics and Science
  • Leo makes custom metal alloys that you won't find anywhere else.

He grew up in a family of goldsmiths - who truthfully discouraged him from this tough profession - but Leo feels it's in his DNA.

Daily, Leo tiptoes on the edge of chaos, dancing with the fear that one error can undo months of work. It's that knife's edge of adrenaline that keeps him coming back to his bench with vigour.

Leo loves the challenge of creating jewellery. He appreciates the sentimental, intimate nature of working with clients to mark significant moments in their lives.

When you have a conversation with Leo, you are the focus of that passionate energy. And in his desire to serve you best, he won't pull punches. Leo will ensure that you walk away with the most perfect, unique, and appropriate masterpiece. Word of advice: take his advice.


Multi-Skilled Renaissance Woman. Amina has worked in almost every role in the jewellery industry in Melbourne and is proficient in gemstones, appraisals, antiques, design and crafting. Her passion started at a young age when she and her Grandmother would fix broken pieces by taking them apart to see how they work.
  • BA in Fine Arts with a major in metals and jewellery
  • Gemmologist
  • Diploma in Diamond Technology
  • Certified Jewellery Valuer

Travelling and viewing other cultures through the lens of jewellery is something Amina craves. She loves learning about how different regions adorn themselves in various ways. Jewellery is represented in every culture, wherever you go in the world, and from the beginning of recorded history.

Amina appreciates the variety of processes involved in each piece, so she’s never bored. It’s complex, challenging and high-stakes work, but like her colleagues, she lives for the seamless, gorgeous final product.


Technique-Consuming Workshop Warrior. Christian started with LFJ right out of Uni and his thirst for diverse skills finds him taking on new challenges with each new project. With Leo and Amina as mentors, the only limit is the sapphire sky.
  • BA in Fine Arts
  • Major in Gold and Silversmithing

Every day at the bench is different so it helps Christian stay flexible in his craft. His fascination is twofold; he enjoys exploring the physical material as well as showing that finished piece to the client to watch their reaction- inspiration in itself.

Christian loves making chunky men's rings and appreciates that men are starting to wear and enjoy jewellery as much as women traditionally have. It’s equal-opportunity gleam over here.

Our process

Clients are constantly amazed at how well we read them. We study their style, listen to their ideas, and see their inspiration. This is how we create something completely personal, every single time.

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