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Understanding your story.

Understanding your story is an essential part of our process; it’s the foundation of building something great together. We want to get to know you, learn about what you want to create and why. When you let us into your narrative we infuse that sentiment into what we craft - and suddenly we become like part of the family.


Designing process.

Get excited because you’re about to invent something completely original! This step is new to most clients and we promise it won’t be intimidating. Our team LOVE talking about our craft and we’re happy to teach you as much as you want to know to help with the decision-making. We’ll talk inspiration, look at images, think about materials as the bigger picture comes into focus.


Finding the perfect stone.

Often the stone will be the hero of your piece. Our expert team go to great lengths to find ‘the one.’ We cross continents or hunt down gems from trusted local sources. We will lose sleep but we won’t stop until we find you something exquisite.


Model and prototype.

Not a visual person? We go that extra mile to bring your vision to life by developing computer aided design models, and in some cases you'll get a 3D printed prototype of your jewellery. You’ll be able to see, touch and feel details for yourself.


Crafting your dream piece.

This is the stage where our crafters take to the bench. Where they meticulously and carefully construct your piece with precision, sweat and care. It’s a complex process, heightened by the emotional importance of why we’re creating. But you have a tough job too, because waiting is the hard part.


Our clients come from all walks of life but the one thing they have in common is a deep respect and appreciation for individuality, for art and for engaging in a meaningful and sentimental process.

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